Ramachandi Group ( Excellency of 18 years )

The new era of self-financing education flourished in Odisha in the middle of 2000s. Despite several government and govt. aided colleges, recessing of quality education especially for technical, pharmaceutical medical and other professional courses was strongly felt .As a result the state govt. consulting eminent educationist formulated policy to grant permission to open self-financing college to impact higher secondary education. being a multifarious personality, a man with vision and deep insight, a working Asst. professor of Pol.Sc Mr. Kailash Chandra Swain of Nimapada dreamt of opening the first residential college in Nimapada Locality and the fifth one in Odisha this came into being on although date-2-6-2006, several colleges followed the shit, the Ramachandi +2 Science Res. College has shower its excellence that has been established from students’ outstanding performance at CHSE level and secured jobs they have seized.

Mr.Kailash Chandra Swain (Founder )

Asst. Professor of Pol.Science