Welcome To Ramachandi Group of Institutions

Ramachandi Group of Institutions have two institutions under them, one +2 COLLEGE RAMACHANDI SCIENCE RES. HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, AMBADIHA, KHURDA and one +3 COLLEGE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT STUDIES, NIMAPADA, PURI. The mission of Ramachandi Group of Institutions is to promote educational excellence, personal responsibility, and balanced growth: There by helping students discover and develop their talents to best of their ability and surge ahead to greater heights.

Vision and Mission

Ramachandi Group offers high-quality educational opportunities and support to students in order to assist them in achieving their academic goals. The institution encourages academic and career success by fostering critical thinking, effective communication. Ramachandi Group is committed to provide great educational experiences that are responsive to our students needs, enabling them to meet and exceed challenges as active participants in molding the future generation

Aim and Objective

Our main goal and purpose is to build childrens strong national character along with mental, physical, intellectual, spiritual and spiritual development of children with high quality education.

Best Facilitiies of Ramachandi Group of Institutions

  Homely atomosphere and school like discipline.
  Highly qualified and experienced faculty.
  Revision classes for clarification of doubts.
  Minimum study burden at home.
  Outside Tuition/Coaching not required.