+3 Science (PHYSICAL)

Honours - Physics Chemestry Mathematics Computer Science Geology

B.Sc is a standard undergraduate programme that people pursue after finishing their 10+2 education. The course is often provided by all of the countrys major institutions, with varying specialisations. B.Sc Physical prepares students for higher education in physical, mathematical, chemical,computer Science and geological sciences while contributing to societal well-being. The course intends to assist students to comprehend the significance of the chemicals, chemical industry and enhancing human life quality. It also helps academics recognise and appreciate the contributions of outstanding scientists in the fields of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The undergraduate course in Mathematics aims to provide students with a solid foundation in a variety of mathematics disciplines. B.Sc Physical helps pupils to build an excellent intellectual level while attempting to expose the many notions in mathematics. It also attempts to improve the students thinking, analytical, and problem-solving abilities with the advancement of the course. The course primarily focuses on developing professionals who are aware of the functional and fundamental aspects of the Universe. It establishes the foundation of science, and applicants understand the chemical, physical, mathematical, Computer Science and Geological sciences.

+3 Science (BIOLOGICAL)

Honours - Botany Zoology

It is a diverse subject that covers many biological aspects of living organisms including the subject areas of Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Ecology, Genetics and Molecular Biology B.Sc.(CBZ) syllabus is designed in such a way that each and every student can understand biology in a better way.